The Hydeout

To coincide with the launch of our official website ( on January 30, 2014, we will be releasing the first online edition of The Hydeout, a literary zine with the same mindset as us–small stuff, big ideas.  The Hydeout will include online and print editions, while showcasing a variety of written forms whether it be scholarly, street-level, or (our personal favorite) both.

Submissions will open December 1st and continue on through the first of the year.

Writers of all forms are encouraged to submit—particularly poetry, short fiction, and critical essays.  Up to three pieces may be submitted, but only one will be included if chosen.

Submissions should be sent to, before January 1st.  Any pieces directed elsewhere will not be considered.

Please include your name as you wish it to appear, a short bio (30 words maximum), and the best way to reach you.

Decisions of inclusion will be made by mid-January and all writers will be informed of their acceptance before online publication.

Details will also be made available at The Hydeout’s Facebook page at  Stay tuned.


levyfest 2014 and Renegade Flowers: d.a. levy and the Digital Revolution

October 24-26 2014

For the first time since 2006, Cleveland will be host to levyfest, which honors the city’s own alternative publisher and poet d.a. levy, as well as his contemporaries in the Mimeograph Revolution.  This festival will celebrate the history of small press publication and poetry in Cleveland and from around the world. It will include guest panels, readings, community and publishing events, and other programming to be announced.

This event is a combined effort of the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State, CSU’s Poetry Center, Guide to Kulchur in Gordon Square, and other local arts groups, publishers, and businesses.  Hydeout Press is proud of its role in this event, and is excited to help bring the community three days of history, poetry, and scholarship.

Additional sponsors, guests of honor, contributors, and featured writers will be announced over the upcoming months.  Stay tuned for specific updates regarding scheduling and events.

In coordination with this event, Hydeout Press is happy to announce its support of levyfest through the publication of Renegade Flowers: d.a. levy and the Digital Revolution, an anthology of critical essays, poetry, photography, and ephemera studying the history of the Mimeograph Revolution and levy’s influence on the modern digital publishing movement.  The anthology, edited by D.R. Wagner and John Dorsey, will be released at levyfest, and proceeds from all presales of the work will go to supporting levyfest programming, including airfare and accommodations for guests of honor.

Submission information for this anthology will be provided soon by the editors, who will be supported throughout the process by Hydeout Press, The Poetry Center at Cleveland State University, and the d.a. levy collection at the Cleveland Memory Project archives.

Stay tuned to the Hydeout Press blog, as well as and the Hydeout Facebook page, for updates over the coming days, weeks, and months regarding levyfest programming, schedules, locations, and guests.

2014 Publishing Announcements

Publishing Announcements

Spring 2014
Miles Budimir
“October 2013”
In collaboration with 13 Press, Hydeout assisted in the design, layout and printing of Miles Budimir’s forthcoming fine art book “October 2013.”  The five collector’s editions were hand-printed by Budimir on assorted rare paper and are each unique, and will include letterpress covers by Hydeout Press.  Standard edition chapbooks will also be printed and made available from 13 Press.

Guide to Kulchur
Hydeout Press is immensely excited about their nomination of John Dorsey’s “Twenty Poems About Girls” for the Pushcart Prize, which honors the most vibrant pieces in small press literature for the previous year.  To celebrate this nomination and his inclusion in Guide to Kulchur’s UNCANNY VOICES reading series, a new letter-pressed broadside, “The Hardy Boys are Old Men Now” will be available for free on January 30, 2014 to Guide to Kulchur patrons attending the event.  This broadside can only be obtained on this day and will not be reprinted.

Additionally, Hydeout Press will be assisting Guide to Kulchur in the production of promotional materials and items for their store throughout 2014, including custom letterpressed journals, bookmarks, and other small collectibles.  Visit the shop next week to see the first of these items for yourself.

Hydeout Press is currently being featured in the Reading CLE exhibition at Cleveland’s contemporary art venue SPACES, curated by Guide to Kulchur’s RA Washington and Lyz Bly.  The exhibition, which runs through January 17, 2014, features a selection of small press offerings—including art books, chapbooks and zines.

Febuary 2014
Tammy Foster Brewer and Robert Lee Brewer
Title TBA
For Valentine’s Day 2014, Hydeout Press will be releasing a limited-edition broadside combining two works from Tammy and Robert Brewer.

March 2014
John Dorsey and D.R. Wagner
“Dorsey/Wagner: 24 Poems”
A collection of poetry by John Dorsey and D.R. Wagner, fully letterpressed with cover illustration by Tom Kryss.  Standard and Limited Edition information will be announced soon.

August 2014
Joe Milford
Title TBA

A collection of poetry including a standard perfect-bound edition as well as a limited-run collector’s edition with letterpress covers.

Holiday Season 2014
Alex Gildzen
“Dance Till Yr Toes Bleed: a bundle of holiday poems”
A collector’s edition illustrated letterpress greeting card set and standard illustrated chapbook edition with letterpressed covers.

Preorder information will be made available over the coming month for all publications, as will run sizes, prices, and other information.  Details are currently subject to change.  For inquiries, contact

Progress on “Twenty Poems”

As the last week of work on John Dorsey’s Twenty Poems About Girls begins, the hands of Hydeout Press are busy finishing the assembly on both collector and standard editions of the book. We thought we’d share with you some of the fun (and messy!) moments in the process.


Peeling transfer sheets.

Glossing the covers.

Glossing the covers.


Unbound front cover.


Inside front cover.


Cutting standard edition covers.


Standard edition.

The press is growing!

We here at Hydeout press would just like to say that getting started in the letterpress scene is incredibly fulfilling. Everybody we’ve dealt with has been incredible, helpful, kind, and very willing to share their knowledge and advice.

Special thanks today go to Keith Berger at Cranky Pressman in Salem, Ohio, to Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke press, and to Andrew Churchman in Indianapolis, who spent about 2 hours on the phone with Alex walking him through our entire setup.

We’ve made a lot of progress this week towards getting the press going, and it’s only possible because some really incredible people from around the country have come forward to share their expertise.

If you need any parts, tools, or equipment for your letterpress printing needs, please contact Andrew Churchman at letterpressdude @  If you want some absolutely gorgeous prints made, you need to check out Cranky Pressman, and if you want some absolutely knockout poetry made with loving attention from the best materials, you can’t do better than Bottle of Smoke.

New developments from Hydeout Press!

Great developments are underway here in Cleveland this week.

First off, join John Dorsey, David Oprava, and the staff of Hydeout Press for a discussion of new press projects, promotions, and book announcements this Friday at 2pm EST on the Joe Milford Poetry Show.  We’ve got a special announcement for people who have preordered “Twenty Poems about Girls” that we’ll be sharing live on the air.  John will be giving a reading from his upcoming work as well as other projects in development.

Also, Hydeout Press just made a new acquisition:


That’s a Chandler and Price Old Style platen press, 8×12 model 280.  It will be used in several new initiatives over the upcoming months, including one to share this resource with a university poetry center to facilitate projects by creative writing students and MFA programming.  More details to follow soon.

A very special thanks goes out to Ryan at Welden Tackle, the gentleman who sold us this monstrosity at a massive discount over other buyers in order to keep this press running, out of the scrap heap, and accessible to students and the arts community. Ryan is a hell of a nice guy. If you need fishing tackle or supplies, please consider calling Welden at their Brunswick location.

Keep tuned for more upcoming projects and announcements over the following weeks!

Preordering for “Twenty Poems” now open!

Twenty Poems About Girls is now available for preorder for both the standard and collector’s editions.



Collectors Cover Sample

$50 (domestic shipping only; for international pricing please inquire via email at

The Collector’s Edition of Twenty Poems about Girls will be limited to a 20 copy run available on a first-come-first-served basis.  Each copy has a unique cover design hand-printed on custom-bound 8″x8″ wood covers.

Please note:  Because of variations in cover materials and design, Hydeout Press cannot guarantee that your copy will match the sample above.



 Chap Cover Sample

$10 (international and domestic shipping included.)  The Standard Edition of Twenty Poems about Girls will be limited to a 500 copy run.  Each copy will be 4″x4″ and will be hand-assembled from high-quality materials.

Welcome to Hydeout Press!

Welcome, and greetings to you from the Mistake on the Lake!

Hydeout Press is a new invitation-only press that will focus on providing the absolute highest quality short-run publications for national talents.  We are a small press operating out of the Cleveland, Ohio area with a focus on top-level poets, authors, essayists, and artists.  

Our founding members are Marissa Hyde and Alex Nielsen.  Marissa has been active in the Cleveland poetry community for several years hosting and co-hosting readings, sponsoring events, and writing and performing poetry.  Alex is a working poet and scholar of modern poetry who has toured and published internationally over the last nine years.  Both are completing their MA studies in English Literature and Letters in the upcoming months.  After several months of hosting and promoting poetry events throughout Northeast Ohio, Marissa and Alex are now branching out together into publishing.  Alex was previously the founder of Inkstained Dagger Press in Toledo, Ohio, with publishing credits including Dan Provost’s Weathered Woman, John Dorsey’s Sam Ryan is in Noodle Heaven, Lester Allen’s  In Other Julys, Steve Goldberg’s Corner Cafe Drugstore, and many other broadsides, chapbooks, and promotional materials.

Hydeout Press is proud to announce its inception and its Autumn selection for its first publication.  On October 5th, 2013, we will be releasing Twenty Poems about Girls by John Dorsey.  The first printing will consist of 500 hand-crafted chapbook copies as well as 20 limited edition copies with custom artwork on painted board covers and coptic stitching.

Ordering information to come soon!

Dorsey Promo Card Transparent