Welcome to Hydeout Press!

Welcome, and greetings to you from the Mistake on the Lake!

Hydeout Press is a new invitation-only press that will focus on providing the absolute highest quality short-run publications for national talents.  We are a small press operating out of the Cleveland, Ohio area with a focus on top-level poets, authors, essayists, and artists.  

Our founding members are Marissa Hyde and Alex Nielsen.  Marissa has been active in the Cleveland poetry community for several years hosting and co-hosting readings, sponsoring events, and writing and performing poetry.  Alex is a working poet and scholar of modern poetry who has toured and published internationally over the last nine years.  Both are completing their MA studies in English Literature and Letters in the upcoming months.  After several months of hosting and promoting poetry events throughout Northeast Ohio, Marissa and Alex are now branching out together into publishing.  Alex was previously the founder of Inkstained Dagger Press in Toledo, Ohio, with publishing credits including Dan Provost’s Weathered Woman, John Dorsey’s Sam Ryan is in Noodle Heaven, Lester Allen’s  In Other Julys, Steve Goldberg’s Corner Cafe Drugstore, and many other broadsides, chapbooks, and promotional materials.

Hydeout Press is proud to announce its inception and its Autumn selection for its first publication.  On October 5th, 2013, we will be releasing Twenty Poems about Girls by John Dorsey.  The first printing will consist of 500 hand-crafted chapbook copies as well as 20 limited edition copies with custom artwork on painted board covers and coptic stitching.

Ordering information to come soon!

Dorsey Promo Card Transparent


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