The press is growing!

We here at Hydeout press would just like to say that getting started in the letterpress scene is incredibly fulfilling. Everybody we’ve dealt with has been incredible, helpful, kind, and very willing to share their knowledge and advice.

Special thanks today go to Keith Berger at Cranky Pressman in Salem, Ohio, to Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke press, and to Andrew Churchman in Indianapolis, who spent about 2 hours on the phone with Alex walking him through our entire setup.

We’ve made a lot of progress this week towards getting the press going, and it’s only possible because some really incredible people from around the country have come forward to share their expertise.

If you need any parts, tools, or equipment for your letterpress printing needs, please contact Andrew Churchman at letterpressdude @  If you want some absolutely gorgeous prints made, you need to check out Cranky Pressman, and if you want some absolutely knockout poetry made with loving attention from the best materials, you can’t do better than Bottle of Smoke.


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