2014 Publishing Announcements

Publishing Announcements

Spring 2014
Miles Budimir
“October 2013”
In collaboration with 13 Press, Hydeout assisted in the design, layout and printing of Miles Budimir’s forthcoming fine art book “October 2013.”  The five collector’s editions were hand-printed by Budimir on assorted rare paper and are each unique, and will include letterpress covers by Hydeout Press.  Standard edition chapbooks will also be printed and made available from 13 Press.

Guide to Kulchur
Hydeout Press is immensely excited about their nomination of John Dorsey’s “Twenty Poems About Girls” for the Pushcart Prize, which honors the most vibrant pieces in small press literature for the previous year.  To celebrate this nomination and his inclusion in Guide to Kulchur’s UNCANNY VOICES reading series, a new letter-pressed broadside, “The Hardy Boys are Old Men Now” will be available for free on January 30, 2014 to Guide to Kulchur patrons attending the event.  This broadside can only be obtained on this day and will not be reprinted.

Additionally, Hydeout Press will be assisting Guide to Kulchur in the production of promotional materials and items for their store throughout 2014, including custom letterpressed journals, bookmarks, and other small collectibles.  Visit the shop next week to see the first of these items for yourself.

Hydeout Press is currently being featured in the Reading CLE exhibition at Cleveland’s contemporary art venue SPACES, curated by Guide to Kulchur’s RA Washington and Lyz Bly.  The exhibition, which runs through January 17, 2014, features a selection of small press offerings—including art books, chapbooks and zines.

Febuary 2014
Tammy Foster Brewer and Robert Lee Brewer
Title TBA
For Valentine’s Day 2014, Hydeout Press will be releasing a limited-edition broadside combining two works from Tammy and Robert Brewer.

March 2014
John Dorsey and D.R. Wagner
“Dorsey/Wagner: 24 Poems”
A collection of poetry by John Dorsey and D.R. Wagner, fully letterpressed with cover illustration by Tom Kryss.  Standard and Limited Edition information will be announced soon.

August 2014
Joe Milford
Title TBA

A collection of poetry including a standard perfect-bound edition as well as a limited-run collector’s edition with letterpress covers.

Holiday Season 2014
Alex Gildzen
“Dance Till Yr Toes Bleed: a bundle of holiday poems”
A collector’s edition illustrated letterpress greeting card set and standard illustrated chapbook edition with letterpressed covers.

Preorder information will be made available over the coming month for all publications, as will run sizes, prices, and other information.  Details are currently subject to change.  For inquiries, contact info@hydeoutpress.com.


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