levyfest 2014 and Renegade Flowers: d.a. levy and the Digital Revolution

October 24-26 2014

For the first time since 2006, Cleveland will be host to levyfest, which honors the city’s own alternative publisher and poet d.a. levy, as well as his contemporaries in the Mimeograph Revolution.  This festival will celebrate the history of small press publication and poetry in Cleveland and from around the world. It will include guest panels, readings, community and publishing events, and other programming to be announced.

This event is a combined effort of the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State, CSU’s Poetry Center, Guide to Kulchur in Gordon Square, and other local arts groups, publishers, and businesses.  Hydeout Press is proud of its role in this event, and is excited to help bring the community three days of history, poetry, and scholarship.

Additional sponsors, guests of honor, contributors, and featured writers will be announced over the upcoming months.  Stay tuned for specific updates regarding scheduling and events.

In coordination with this event, Hydeout Press is happy to announce its support of levyfest through the publication of Renegade Flowers: d.a. levy and the Digital Revolution, an anthology of critical essays, poetry, photography, and ephemera studying the history of the Mimeograph Revolution and levy’s influence on the modern digital publishing movement.  The anthology, edited by D.R. Wagner and John Dorsey, will be released at levyfest, and proceeds from all presales of the work will go to supporting levyfest programming, including airfare and accommodations for guests of honor.

Submission information for this anthology will be provided soon by the editors, who will be supported throughout the process by Hydeout Press, The Poetry Center at Cleveland State University, and the d.a. levy collection at the Cleveland Memory Project archives.

Stay tuned to the Hydeout Press blog, as well as HydeoutPress.com and the Hydeout Facebook page, for updates over the coming days, weeks, and months regarding levyfest programming, schedules, locations, and guests.


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