The Hydeout

To coincide with the launch of our official website ( on January 30, 2014, we will be releasing the first online edition of The Hydeout, a literary zine with the same mindset as us–small stuff, big ideas.  The Hydeout will include online and print editions, while showcasing a variety of written forms whether it be scholarly, street-level, or (our personal favorite) both.

Submissions will open December 1st and continue on through the first of the year.

Writers of all forms are encouraged to submit—particularly poetry, short fiction, and critical essays.  Up to three pieces may be submitted, but only one will be included if chosen.

Submissions should be sent to, before January 1st.  Any pieces directed elsewhere will not be considered.

Please include your name as you wish it to appear, a short bio (30 words maximum), and the best way to reach you.

Decisions of inclusion will be made by mid-January and all writers will be informed of their acceptance before online publication.

Details will also be made available at The Hydeout’s Facebook page at  Stay tuned.


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